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Good Intentions

Artist’s intentionality is a tricky thing to deal with in criticism. Does the artwork mean what the artist claims it means or what the audience interprets it to mean?… read more

Cool apps you should have

Cool apps you should have: Cinemagram, Streaker Run, Google Translate and more here

Vente casque Beats by Dr.Dre Studio neuf

Casque Beats by Dr. Dre Studio blanc neuf et encore emballé, côté 300€ au magasin vendu 190€!

source: Vente casque Beats by Dr.Dre Studio neuf

Unemployment rate continues slow decline

SAN DIEGO — The unemployment rate in San Diego County was 8.1 percent last month, down from a revised 8.4 percent in November and well below the 9 percent figure from December 2011, the state Employment Development Department announced today.